Letters to my Dad
September 1951 - May 1955

Regular readers of our HELENA web page know that your author was one big "Pack Rat" while serving on the
USS Helena CA-75. I took much kidding back then for sending all that "stuff" to my Dad. (Plans of the Day;
pamplets produced by the Helena; special orders and a host of other items). After over 50 years, I am glad I did.

To my surprise, shortly after I was released from the Navy, my Dad gave me a box filled with all the letters I
wrote him, starting while I was in "Boot Camp" up to my release in 1955. Selected letters and parts of other
letters are reproduced here. We all can take many walks down memory lane because my Dad saved these things.

Some are complete, while others are excerpts. Readers will see through my young eyes what I experienced
in boot camp, and later on board the USS Helena CA-75. Some letters will include stationary logo I used at
the time a letter was written. For clarity, some editing was needed. Miss-spelled words remain as I wrote back then.

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8 October 1951 18 October 1951 1 November 1951

3 January 1952 7 January 1952 21 January 1952 3 February 1952 16 November 1952

25 December 1953

2 November 1954

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