In the late winter of 1962, I became involved in the activities of a Korean Orphanage near Camp Howard.
My volunteer work at the orphanage proved to be a wonderful diversion from Army life.

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The staff and kids of the "Garden Of Children" orphanage. Summer 1963.

In early August 1963, we formulated plans to take many of the older orphans on a three day camp out weekend.
Time dims the memory. I do not recall how many GIs went on this trip except we were Army and Air Force.
I believe we took 30 boys and 30 girls on this outing.

The trip included a chance to see and swim in the ocean. We selected Taecheon Beach on the west coast of Korea.
The shores of the "Yellow Sea" became our campsite for two days and two nights.
For transportation we used one army 2 1/2 ton truck with an army water trailer in tow.
Most of the kids rode in the back of this truck. Our second vehicle was a commercial 1 1/2 ton Air Force truck.
For living quarters we had an Army GP medium tent.
The kids slept in this tent. I slept in the front seat of the 2 1/2 ton truck.
Because we would not be near any kind of facilities, the Koreans took along all their cooking utensils and firewood.
They also carried all their food, while we GIs had C-Rations for the outing.

The trip to the camp site was uneventful--not so the return trip.

When it came time to set up the tent, the head of the orphanage suggested we set it without using sides.
As you can see in the pictures, it looks out of place for us old soldiers, but worked fine for the Koreans!
It was a Korean idea to cover the water trailer as an insulation from the sun. Worked very well too.

We also took along a supply of army air mattresses. Good for sleeping and better for swimming!

Loading the trucks for a weekend at the beach. Army 2 1/2 ton with a water trailer. 9 August 1963

Air Force 1 1/2 ton truck. 9 August 1963

The remaining pictures on this page were taken at Taecheon Beach, Korea on 11 August 1963

Army GP tent left. Air Force 1 1/2 ton truck center. Army 2 1/2 ton truck right.

The kids were told to conserve water and they did. We did not need to refill.

The Korean cooking utensils.

The kids had a ball!!!!

Wood used for cooking.

Orphange staff.

One of the older boys.
They help the staff manage the orphange.

A badly sun burned Dave receives lotion.

Soon after arriving and setting up camp, I was talked into a game of kicking a beach ball around.
Stubbed my toe big time. In addition to a bad sunburn, the next day my toe had become infected.
PAINFUL!! No medical facilities for miles.
The orphanage director advised me that my toenail would have to be partially removed to relieve pressure and pain.
This kind man volunteered to cut my toenail. NO WAY said I. The slightest touch caused me great pain.
I would have to cut my nail!

The director told me to soak the toe in the salt water ocean. This to soften the nail and sort of deaden the pain.

I have clear memories of the pain as I carved away on my toenail.
Some of the older kids found it funny. I did NOT! But then, they are used to a tough life.

Finally, after trimming the nail piece by piece, I broke through and out squirted the liquid and down went the pain!!
I was the only casuality during the entire trip.


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