Welcome to Dave's old audio recordings.

Many of the following recordings were made in 1962 - 1963 unless otherwise indicated.

Dave and Gerry were married in 1956.

That same year, a movie was made named "High Society".
It starred, among others, Bing Crosby and Grace Kelly.
In the movie, they sang the song called "True Love".
Gerry and I chose this song to be "our" song. Nearly 58 years later, it still is.

True Love
The song by Bing Crosby and Grace Kelly

Having said this, now try to imagine a lonely home sick soldier, in Korea
on a 13 month tour and the effect on him when he receives the recordings as below.


True Love
And the Cuckoo waltz by Dad
4 minutes - 21 seconds(mp3 file)
And Christmas music
4 minutes - 4 seconds(mp3 file)

Please note--the following two files are long in time and could require increased volume.

Christmas with Dad-1
31 minutes - 27 seconds(mp3 file)
Christmas with Dad-2
15 minutes - 41 seconds(mp3 file)

Dad at his Hammond organ--1961

Our kids in 1962



Gerry holding Mary

The kids

Gerry with the kids

Dad and the kids

Cindy and Bernie try to play Dad's organ

Grandma Olive holding Mary

1962. Dave in Korea

The following recordings were made while I was in Korea. Thought I'd try talking to the kids.

Dave 1
6 min-26 sec(mp3 file)
Dave 2
5 min-48 sec(mp3 file)
Dave 3
8 min-30 sec(mp3 file)
Dave 4
7 min-7 sec(mp3 file)

The following three songs are Cindy and Laurie playing their guitars and singing .
If you listen closely, Dave tries a little harmony. Dog barking too.
Mid 1970s.

Green Beret
2 min-11 sec(mp3 file)
What have They Done to the Rain
2 min-30 sec(mp3 file)
Mr Bojangles
1 min-19 sec(mp3 file)

The below "Dad. Dec 24'81" contains 3 recordings, some with family talking to Dad.
1. Christmas 1981
2. August 21, 1982
3. Christmas 1983

The "Radio interview plus 2" contains three recordings
1. WAUK radio interview of me at our Army National Guard Unit
2. Recording with Dad while he was in the hospital
3. Partial recording of Mother and family members
(this recording goes bad near the end)

Dad. Dec 24' 81
29 min - 4 sec
Radio interview plus 2
28 min - 13 sec
Grand Kids-1997
4 min - 57 sec

Backward in time now. It is 1954 and Dave is in the US Navy.
To view a movie of Dave, click on the16 mm button below!

16 mm movie

During the stay in Kobe, Japan (1953) our "Helena Review" made its debut.
A group of 44 men, including some officers, picked from the ship's Happy Hour talent,
presented six shows at various hospitals and installations in Kobe, Osaka and Kyoto.
The group was built around the Helena's Men's chorus and boasted a variety of
instrumental groups, a combo from the band, popular and hillbilly song stylists and comedians.
The troupe was well received everywhere and made a fine showing.
(Dave was a member of the Helena Men's Chorus).

To hear the song, click on the title. mp3 file---42 seconds long.

"I don't Want to be a Hero"

Words to the song

OHHH I don't want to be a hero, I don't want to go to war.

I just wants to hang around the Piccadilly underground and live off the earnings of a high born limey.

I don't want a bullet up me ars hole, I don't want my buttocks shot away.

I just wants to live in England, jolly jolly England and roger all me blooming time away ohhh limey.

Call out the members of the old brigade, they'll keep England free.

Call out me mother, me sister and me brother, but for gosh sakes, don't call meeeeee.

Author unknown!

This spoof was never intended to make fun of anyone. In 1954 or today!

"The Helena Review" received a standing ovation after performing their show
including this song as performed in one of Hong Kongs theaters.

Many of our British friends in the audience requested a number of encores.

Thank you all for the memories!

Last----but not least----one of my favorites
The Veteran's Song!


I can tell you're a veteran
by the look in your eyes
From the tears that flow
when you see an American flag fly

I can tell you're a veteran
by the way you hold your head
Carried high and proud
of the service you did

Most people don't understand And some don't give a damn
about the events that happened in the past
They don't give you a second glance

I can tell you're a veteran Your memory will always stand tall
People can't look at your feats as small
You've been through more than most will ever know

I can tell you're a veteran and a veteran you will always be
America should never forget you
Because if there were no veterans
our country would not be free

Copyright 1995 by Jill V. Chandler

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