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In 1954, while the USS Helena CA-75 was on it's 5th Far East tour, she visited Manila, Philippines in November.
During this visit, the US Navy came aboard Helena to conduct short Christmas movie interviews, using 16mm film.
These film clips were shipped back to local TV stations near each of our homes. In my case it was WBAY in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
After the clip was aired, it was shipped to my Dad. In 1955 after I was released from active duty, my Dad gave me the movie clip.

The clip then went into a storage box along with all my USS Helena memorabilia when it stayed for the next 30 years.
Since I did not have a 16mm projector, I never saw the film. In 1985, a friend allowed me to run the movie on his 16mm projector.
What a surprise to see myself after all those years. The clip went back into storage until 2007 when I had it copied to a CD.

On 3 January 2010, I found a free CD conversion program which allows me to share this movie on our web page.
The conversion worked with mixed results. As with the original 16mm film and later the CD, quality is not the best.

It is like so many other pictures and stories we have on our web pages------a piece of USS Helena CA-75 history.

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