I am writing with the hopes of reconnecting two from WWII.

My mother Verna dated Lee Young (Leo F Young ) who was on the USS Helena in Pearl Harbor as well as the South Pacific.
They dated during this time. Mother's sister, Audrey dated another Helena survivor - Jack Bernard.
Their maiden names are Larson.

After MANY years and stories, my mom asked me to see if I could locate Lee to see what ever happened to him.
This is just a friendly inquiry --and no way-- any other intention.

I have tried several conventional ways to try to find him, but with his common name it makes it difficult

With my mother being 85 ---and Lee as well, I know if both are living ---
it would be great to at least know what their lives have been like - and if he is still living.

Any help you might be able to share --or pass on-- is greatly appreciated --either to Lee directly or even Jack Bernard.

Thank you very much!

Beverly Cobb

Lee F. Young
USS Helena CL-50

July 1942

Lee Young, Unknown couple, (partially hidden - Johnny Bodle)Verna and Jack F. Bernard
Jack is also a survivor of the USS Helena CL-50 sinking.

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