Just for fun

Two young physicians, one a Gynecologist specializing in diseases of women and the other a Psychiatrist treating mental disorders,
decided to go into partnership and rent office space together to open their practice. They had to hang out their shingle and faced the
dilemma of choosing the appropriate brief wording of their specialties following their names for the office signage out in front.

They first considered Drs. Andrews and Smith, Heads and Tails, but thought that may be confusing. The next idea was
Drs. Andrews and Smith, Nuts and Butts, but that seemed a little crude. They finally agreed on just the right wording and
called the sign company. Their final decision: Drs. Andrews and Smith, Odds and Ends.

They have Odds and Ends and we have Tidbits. Enjoy!


Tidbits 1

Tidbits 2

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