Summer Gardens open late June 2014.

Pictures taken on 4 July 2014.

Flags under our flag pole.

Our flag framed with the sky as the background.

Our flag framed with a tree as the background.

Small flags have a place too.

The following 5 pictures are of our blossoming yellow Calla Lilies.
The first 2 pictures taken under our flag pole.
The last 3 taken in our large Hosta bed, back yard.

White Lilies opening

Tiger Lilies near our back property line.

These lilies fell over before we could properly stake them.
Now tight together and still look good.
The blossoms of these lilies have lasted a week in a vase on our kitchen table.
In early evening they give off a wonderful fragrance that lasts all night.

Hydrangea Invincibelle.


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