Spring Gardens.
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5 May 2008. Sharp edge done with a power tool.
Cleaning done by hand. Note "G" at work.

5 May 2008. Our canna bed being converted into a hosta bed.

5 May 2008. Two more pictures of our Magnolia bush.
On the right stands "D" wearing his USS Helena CA-75 cap.

5 May 2008. Sighted the Red-Breasted Grosbeak this date.

6 May 2008. Humus being applied.

6 May 2008. Bed covered with humus.

What is humus? A soil kind of material made from decayed leaves, grass clippings and other garden waste.

5 reasons for using humus.

1. It is free from our city recycling Center.
2. Helps to loosen the soil.
3. Retains mositure.
4 Prevents weeds from growing.
5. Looks good.

6 May 2008. A small bed that has beeen edged.
The tree started from a seedling blown in by the wind.
We decided to keep it!

6 May 2008. Our decorative pear tree in blossom.


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