Spring Gardens.
Page 11

30 April 2008. Edging of our bed.

2 May 2008. Two trees to be removed.

3 May 2008. First sighting of a flock of Cedar Waxwings

4 May 2008. Frogs enjoy the spring sun.
Note the slightly red shadow.
It is from the red gazing ball. Picture on the right.

4 May 2008. Garden art ready to be placed in the gardens.

4 May 2008. Red and white bleeding hearts about to open.

4 May 2008. Daffodils done. Hosta beginnings.

4 May 2008.
Our new Oriole feeder in place. Grape jam and orange slices.

4 May 2008. Our old Oriole feeder in place. Grape jam only.


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