Mr. Stuebbe
Picture copied from the Mishicot High School Annual "Arrow 1951"

A Memorial Tribute to Mr. Stuebbe. He passed away in 1991. Recently we learned of his achievement during WWII.

A. B. as we fondly called him, always respected me, even those times when I did not deserve his respect. Signed---Dave Brouchoud

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Home Town: Newton, Wisconsin.
College: La Crosse State Teachers.
Degree: Bachelor of Science.

Classes Taught:
Chemistry, Biology,
General Science.

Extra Curricular:
Bowling Club,
Freshman Class Advisor,
Science Club,
Assistant Athletics Coach.

WW II Army Air Force Cadet A. B. Stuebbe

A. B. Stuebbe's Cadet Cap Device

ATHNIEL B. STUEBBE with his new rank.
2LT June 1944

1st Lieutenant Stuebbe's Rank
June 1945

LT Stuebbe's Officer Cap Device

LT Stuebbe's Navigator's Wings

2LT Athniel B. Stuebbe and his new wife Elenor Stuebbe. Married 12 November 1944

The following submitted by LT Stubbe's son Steve.

After training and a brief stay on Hawaii, dad's crew (flying their new ship "Black Oboe 566--last 3 digits of factory serial number-- and Black Oboe was the the code name for the 29th bomb group) headed across the Pacific to begin their 35 missions. The first leg of the flight was a 2650 mile jaunt into the middle of nowhere, a place called Kwajalein Atoll. My dad was pretty new to the Wilcox crew and he had to navigate them to that little speck of land in the middle of the Pacific. After 6 hours of seeing nothing but ocean Wilcox the pilot reported there were some nervous thoughts as my dad "shot the sun" every 20 minutes---they were past the point of no return. As the Estimated Time of Arrival drew near, ten hours and 45 minutes into the flight, there was no sign of the island. Needless to say the the pilot and crew were pretty nervous. Forty-five minutes plus 15, then 30, then 45 seconds...suddenly there it was. There was a sigh of relief and AB caught a lot of friendly kidding for getting them there so late. The crew realized they had a pretty good navigator. This info came from a manuscript (unpublished, I believe) called "Firestorm" written by Captain Jack Wilcox.

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LT Stuebbe in his B-29. "City of Albany." Capt Jack is the pilots name.

The ground crew services this B-29. Note the bombs nearby, ready for loading.

First Lieutenant ATHNIEL B. STUEBBE, 02060610, 52nd Bombardment Squadron,
29th Bombardment Group, Air Corps, Uhited States Army. For extraordinary achievement
while participating in aerial flight 24 May 1945. Lieutenant STUEBBE was Navigator of
a B-29 flying from its base in the Marianas Islands on a night incendiary mission against Tokyo,
Japan. Despite searchlight-directed flak, the bombs were dropped directly on the aiming point.
After bombs away, the aircraft was flown into the billowing smoke to evade the searchlights.
Suddenly a strong thermal violently jostled the Superfort. A bomb which had hung up in the
racks due to malfunction crashed on the closed bomb bay doors, springing the doors ajar and
wedging itself between the panels. The onrushing air started the vane spinning, arming the bomb
cluster. When all efforts to open the bomb bay doors failed, Lieutenant STUEBBE,knowing
the projectile was due to explode any minute, rushed to the door leading into the bomb bay. As
he reached the door there was a sharp explosion. Disregarding his own safety, he opened the door
and climbed into the bomb bay. several incendiaries from the cluster, armed to explode on the
slightest impact, were rolling around the bomb bay. Lieutenant STUEBBE pulled the emergency
release desperately but the badly sprung doors would still not open. Then he grasped the handhold
above the door. Hanging dangerously by one arm, he kicked the door latch. The doors swung open,
allowing the bombs to fall clear. With great difficulty, Lieutenant STUEBBE then clambered to
safety from his dangerous position over the bomb bay. By his heroism, he saved the entire crew and
plane from destruction. His actions reflects great credit on himself and the Army Air Forces.

LT Stuebbe aquired these stamps while stationed on the island of Guam.
My dad did say that there were captured Japanese soldiers on Guam during his deployment there.

Lieutenant STUEBBE'S World War II Medals.

Distingushed Flying Cross

Air Medal
With two Oak Lief Clusters

Asiatic Pacific Medal
With three Oak Lief Clusters

Armed Forces Reserve Medal

WWII Victory Medal

Each Oak Lief Cluster
is equal to another of the same award

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