The letter below was received by my father, Bernard F. Brouchoud, shortly after I reported aboard the
USS Helena CA-75 in mid January 1952. 300 new "boots" enjoyed a troop train ride from Great Lakes,
Illinois to Long Beach, California. We reported aboard in the dead of night, furnished with a bunk and
told to go to sleep. How could we? The excitement of being a "man" and being in the US Navy. (I was 17
years old then). How well I remember the many passageways all illuminated in red night lights.
Tomorrow the real world begins. (DJB)



31 January 1952

My Dear Mr. Brouchoud,

It is the desire of the U.S.S. HELENA (CA-75) to maintain close relationship between the ship and the
loved ones of the personnel serving aboard. We have great pride in our ship and the men who man
her and feel that the HELENA and her ship's company stand at the top of the many ships which compose
our sea-going Navy. Your son, David J. Brouchoud recently reported aboard the HELENA for duty and
we are proud to have him as a new addition to our crew.

The HELENA, as you may know, is designated as a heavy cruiser and is one of the first line combatant
ships of our Navy. The ship is a complete city in itself and has every possible convenience to make
shipboard life as pleasant as possible. A few of these are daily movies, soda fountain, ship's store, barber
shop, laundry, tailor shop, library and recreation room. Two medical officers and a dental officer are
regularly attached to the ship and they are assisited by a trained and competent staff. Our medical
department is equipped to perform any emergency from removing a splinter or pulling an aching tooth
to performing a major surgical operation. In addition, there is a chaplain on board who conducts regular
church services, bible classes and instruction periods, and administers to the religious needs of men of
all faiths.

Mail from home is a most important morale factor and all hands are constantly looking forward to mail call.
For your convenience, your son's address is listed below:

David J. Brouchoud, SA USN
5th Division
Fleet Post Office
San Francisco, California

You are assured he is in good health and that constant efforts are made to provide for his continuing health,
comfort and welfare.

Sincerely yours,

Captain, U.S. Navy
Commanding Officer

Mr. Bernard F. Brouchoud
Mishicot, Wisconsin

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