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The Sailors from Mishicot, WI

(Posted 20 February 2005)

This is the story about friends in the Navy, all assigned to different ships.
Coming together in places like Japan, San Diego, CA and Long Beach, CA.

What are the odds even during war time, of 3 friends coming together?
All from a tiny village in Wisconsin? Mishicot, Wisconsin

I served on the USS Helena CA-75, a heavy cruiser.
Home port was Long Beach, CA My cousin Lloyd Brouchoud served
on an AKA with stops in Long Beach, CA and ports in Japan.

Donny Dvorak served in the Navy, aboard a ship, during these same
times and places. After more than 50 years, I no longer remember what
kind of ship it was.

The same is said for another cousin, Donny Cretton.

Don Cretton and I pulled many liberties together in Long Beach and
San Diego CA.

Lloyd Brouchoud and I met at least two times in Long Beach, CA.

In late 1953, Lloyd Brouchoud, Donny Dvorak and I all met in Yokosuka,
Japan. Three different ships with widely different duties, all in the same
place at the same time.

The pictures on this link and the memories are all that is left of some
amazing coincidental visits between the Mishicot, WI Sailors.

Dave Brouchoud

Mishicot sailors home for Christmas leave in 1951
Fun seekers in the pictures.

Lloyd Brouchoud, Dave Brouchoud, Joan Jorgensen and her older sister
Don Eis, Richard Kaufmann and Jr. Princl

unknown name--person 3rd from left.

The following pictures were taken at dates indicated. In Long Beach, CA and Japan

Lloyd Brouchoud and Dave Brouchoud. Long Beach, CA in 1952.

Dave Brouchoud and Lloyd Brouchoud
Taken onboard the USS Mathews (AKA-96)
While in Yokosuka, Japan. Oct 4, 1953

Don Dvorak, Lloyd Brouchoud and friend
Taken onboard the USS Mathews (AKA-96)
While in Yokosuka, Japan. Oct 4, 1953

Lloyd waits for Dave to get in this picture. He missed!
Yokosuka, Japan. November 1953

Ah, Dave made it in this picture

Nap time?

Hard to tell, but this is Don Dvorak. Perhaps he needs a nap.
Yokosuka, Japan. October 4, 1953

L to R
A friend who looks like Don Krajnik, Lloyd Brouchoud, Dave Brouchoud--nearly "under the table"
Don Dvorak and a friend.
Yokosuka, Japan. October 4, 1953

Don "Peanuts" Cretton
The back of this photo reads as follows:
ME!! This is before I was busted HA HA

Dave Brouchoud, Marge Cretton and Don Cretton.
All cousins to each other.
Taken near Indio, CA. Marge was a teacher in the area.