Pictures taken in and around Mishicot. 1955
("Snap Shots")

In late May 1955, I was released from the US Navy.
My plan was to spend the summer and my discharge money having a 3 month vacation in and around Mishicot.
My classmates were in college, still in the military or moved away from Mishicot. So I hung out with my brother's friends.
These are some of 8mm colored movies I took back then.
Signed---Dave Brouchoud


Don Dvorak parades in Mishicot

Mark Brouchoud at his cottage

Parade day

Dolly Demsien leads the parade

Marlene and Bernard Brouchoud
Harps Lake

Bernard Brouchod

Bernie's friends

Showing off for the camera or the girls?

Mishicot High School Band on parade

2nd band member to the right
Marlene Brouchoud

Tom Flentje

Mark Brouchoud having fun with his boat

Mark Brouchoud watches the grill

Looking north

Jim Wagner

Dave Brouchoud and his '41 Chev

Toward the end of the summer of 1955,
I traded my '41 Chev for this 1951 Chysler.