Combat Information Center

The "Combat Information Center" aboard the USS Helena CA-75, in 1952
was manned by the radar gang. Your web page manager was a member of this crew.

So---what is the point?

A few years ago, a friend gave me a DVD produced by the Discovery Channel.
It is called "Survival" and is narrated by James Whitmore.
It is the story of a WWII storm in the Pacific, which was so severe that it tore
the bow off the USS Pittsburg CA-72.

The DVD information is minimal, but we think the storm was named the Okinawa Typhoon.

As I watched the story unfold, something seemed familiar!! But how could this be?
I was not in WWII nor was the USS Helena CA-75.

I realized I was watching short clips of ME, as well as members of our radar gang.
I figured it out. The producers of the movie did not have many pictures to help tell the story,
so they used other pictures, from a different time. I recently learned how to save "snap shots"
while running the movie.

The following images are from the video.

Dave Brouchoud, watching Helena's surface radar.
Ronnie Akin in the back ground.

Left to right:
Unk Officer in charge. Wendall Woodward. Leo Perkins and Tom Merz.

Two pictures of "Woody", hard at work with the DRT.

Radar images of the storm. Not from the CA-75.

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