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Updated 16 December 2013

Photos and materials from William James Kimball.

In mid December 2013, an auction came up with items as follows:

WWII era U.S.S. Helena Roster; Photos, Navigation packet, history lot.

The key word for me was U.S.S. Helena. Without knowing much more I bid and won the auction.

As you know, we do not have much of the CA-75 history, much less photos, prior to 1949.

A few days later a large envelope arrived with papers and photos of William J. Kimball.

Much paper to wade through. Here is what we know so far. Jim was in the Navy during WWII.

After the war he attended college and was commissioned an Ensign.
At one point he was assigned to the USS Helena CA-75.
Seems to have happened about the time the CA-75 was commissioned.

He was aboard the CA-75 for about a year.
We have one “PLAN OF THE DAY” dated 4 JULY 1946.
He was the J.O.O.W. that day.
The only indication of where the CA-75 was that day is the following:
1700-1800 Navy Band Concert, Tsingtao City Hall. Tsingtao is in China.

A history of the CA-75 dated 29 September 1948 indicates the ship arrived in Tsingtao, China on 18 June
(No year given, but must have been 1946).

The start of new “Shipmate Collection” for William J Kimball is open.
Documents and photos will be posted as time permits.
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Come back often.

Dave Brouchoud—retired web manager

A new USS Helena CA-75 flag, will become available if there is enough interest.
This image of what the flag will look like, is provided by the company doing the work.

This flag is 2'X3’ – Double Sided (Correctly reads on the front and back)
$158.00 QTY 1 *Includes heading and grommets.
The price could be reduced if there are enough orders.
The price breaks are as follows:
3 to 5 flags = $121.00 each
6 or more flags = $81.00 each
All orders are plus shipping.

Compare the above image with the image of the real CA-75 flag. Below.

Point of contact: Kim at 1-414-778-1776
Flag Center

(The following posted on 27 March 2012.)

I found your web page on the internet and thought you might be a good contact.

Back in July 1943, HELENA was part of DESRON 21, also with cruisers St. LOUIS, HONOLULU, and four Fletcher Class destroyers, the NICHOLAS, O'BANNON, CHEVALIER and the ship my uncle (Ensign William C. Hedrick) died on, USS STRONG DD-467.

STRONG was torpedoed on July 5th, 1943, one day before HELENA. Somehow, someone on board HELENA was able to capture a photograph of the moment that the torpedo struck STRONG.

The photo is with the collection of Joseph H. Wellings, captain of STRONG at the Naval War College Museum in Newport, Rhode Island. In talking with the curator and archivist of the collection, they do not have any information on who took the photo, or of how it made it off of HELENA when she went down.

I hope to figure this out, and thought maybe you might have a person or persons for me to contact to see if someone might know about this. I'm attaching a copy of the photo for you to see.

I will also be going to Newport soon to personally view Captain Wellings' papers to see if there is any information that perhaps the archivist just hasn't seen,
and to get other information that may relate to my uncle, as he was an officer on board under Wellings.

Any help would be appreciated.


Tammi Hedrick Johnson
email me

I recently learned that my late father,
James W. Domico was a survivor of
the sinking of the Helena in Kula Gulf.
He never spoke to his family about the
event. Is there anyone alive who remembers
him? He has been described as "a wiry little
runt with an infectious sense of humor."

Terry Domico.

Preview of the new USS Helena Organization window/bumper decal

The decal is designed to attach to the outside surface of a window or bumper.
It measures 4 5/8" by 3 1/2 inches
Details regarding price will depend on the acceptance of the decal at the upcoming reunion and this announcement.

Did you know that all CA 75 sailors and Marines are eligible for the Cold War Recognition Certificate?
SSN 725 sailors who served up to December 1991 are also eligible.

To apply, you need a copy of your DD-214 for service verification.
If you do not have your DD-124, you can apply for a copy.
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