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The following pictures donated by SP-5 Ralph Adcox.

USS Breckinridge AP-176
This ship transported members of the AN/MSQ-28 unit from California to Korea in 1962.

L to R
SP4 Adcox, SFC King, SP4 Esquibel.

SP4 Adcox, on Hill 91. The future site of AN/MSQ-28 equipment.

L to R
SP4 Thompson, SP4 Bell, SP4 Dolson, SP4 Esquibel, PFC Williams, SP4 Franke and SP4 Adcox.
Good Soldiers--all.

PFC Williams.

SP4 Dolson

SP4 Adcox clowning around with a ROK soldier.

PFC Williams and SP4 Adcox

SP4 Perez

Ralph Adcox after promotion to SP5.

#1 village

Village #1 viewed through our barbed wire security fence.

#1 village. Another view.

House boy. Lee.

Korean cemetery outside Camp Howard.

One of our homes. Camp Howard.

Camp Howard's back gate leading to village #1.

South Korean country road.

South Korean countryside

Road side sales?

Tea house in Seoul, Korea

Seoul, Korea

Street car in Seoul

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